Understanding Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease

Even though Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease both cause pain and fatigue, they are very different from each other. They are caused by different things; they have different symptoms, and they require different treatments as well. Understanding the differences can make a huge difference when it comes to administering appropriate treatments.

Lyme disease very often presents itself as a variety of illnesses, and because of this, it is often referred to as the Great Imitator. Also, because this disease can affect various parts of the body, doctors often have to follow a process of illumination in order to rule out other diseases.

Lyme Disease SymptomsPeople who are infected with Lyme disease are often misdiagnosed. In many cases, they are thought to be suffering from one of several different illnesses, including fibromyalgia; chronic fatigue syndrome; depression, or even multiple sclerosis. There are two serious downsides to misdiagnosis of Lyme disease, it that it can mean patients are prescribed unnecessary drugs that have the potential to cause serious side effects. I can also significantly delay the administration of the correct treatment, which should, of course, start as early as possible.

Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease – How Prevalent Are They In The USA?

In the United States, fibromyalgia affects roughly 5 million people. The condition is mostly diagnosed in middle age people, with women being more at risk than men.

Lyme disease, on the other hand, affects roughly 30,000 people per year in the United States, but the actual number of infections is believed to be higher because this figure only represents the number of cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In order to try and get a more accurate understanding of Lyme disease prevalence, the CDC launched two different studies called Project 1 and Project 2.

Project 1 used the results of laboratory tests and estimated 228,000 cases of Lyme disease. Estimates from Project 2 that are based on data obtained from medical insurance databases put the figure at roughly 329,000 cases.

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