Is There a Specific Diet for Fibromyalgia Sufferers?

Is There a Specific Diet for Fibromyalgia?

Even the most brilliant scientific minds have not been successful in finding a cause or cure for fibromyalgia. As for information about diet and nutrition, there is little to no research available. This means there is no specific diet for fibromyalgia yet.

We aren’t referring to the weight loss type of diet. Rather, we will explore “diet” in the context of including more nutritious foods in your daily diet.

Fibromites Crave Carbs

Low carb/no carb diets don’t put fibromites in their happy place. Even the National Fibromyalgia Association agrees we should not exclude carbs from our daily diet plan. However, they advocate eating complex carbs rather than refined carbohydrates, contending this will help some fibromyalgia symptoms.

So – what’s legal? Carbohydrates contained in fresh fruits and veggies are low-sugar and high-fiber. But, these aren’t the type carbs that satisfy cravings. On days when you think you’ll die if you don’t have chocolate, crunching on celery sticks likely won’t get your mojo going.

Pain and fatigue are the most prevalent symptoms of fibromyalgia.

Fresh Pineapple contains the enzyme, bromelain, which reduces pain and inflammation.

Research conducted by the Oregon Health and Science Center discovered that tart cherries aid in pain reduction of fibromites.

A protease enzyme in Papayas has been proven to decrease pain and inflammation.

The malic acid in Figs are natural pain-fighters. Ficin is an anti-inflammatory contained in figs that reduces inflammation and pain. Fibro-warriors are often deficient in manganese and magnesium. Figs are rich in both these minerals.

Here’s a great reason to “eat your greens”. Leafy green veggies are a storehouse of magnesium, which helps relieve fatigue and insomnia, common symptoms of fibromyalgia.

 Protein is tops for battling chronic fatigue, as it fuels your energy supply. Doctors are finding that nine out of 10 of their fibromyalgia patients present with protein deficiency. High protein foods to incorporate in your daily diet include: fish, chicken, peanut butter, eggs, beans and nuts. Eat red meat in moderation.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Healthy fats, such as olive oil, are an excellent resource for energy. Other omega-3 sources include: walnuts, salmon and flaxseeds. Iranian researchers found olive oil protects against short-term memory loss, which is widespread in people with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.


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