Grappling with Grocery Shopping and Fibromyalgia

Before fibromyalgia, you never imagined grocery shopping could be traumatic. Even after you were diagnosed with fibro, you may not have connected the excruciating pain, sensory overload and energy drain caused by fibromyalgia and grocery shopping.

So, if you’ve ever felt woozy, icky and disoriented while you were grocery shopping…if you’ve ever parked your cart mid-aisle and went home without groceries…if you’ve ever gotten overwhelmed, wobbly or flustered due to pushy people, excessive noise levels or hodge-podge of scents…this one’s for you.

Now you know…but what to do?

Here are time-tested ideas that make fibromyalgia and grocery shopping easier:

Internet Services

Like charity, grocery shopping begins at home when you have fibromyalgia.

  • When fibro flares-up and you dread going to buy groceries, you have several options: See if your local Walmart or Kroger offers free curbside pickup. If so, go online, order your groceries and get same day pickup free.
  • If affordable, look online and engage a personal grocery shopper. They will shop and deliver your groceries. Also, they will pick up and deliver your prescriptions to you.

Other Options

  • Delegate shopping duties to your spouse, teenage kids with driver’s license, relative, etc.
  • Does your church offer grocery shopping assistance for members with fibro?
  • Enlist a shopping buddy for reaching topmost shelves, unloading the shopping cart, putting groceries in car and unloading them when you get home. They will have your back if fibro-fog sets in and/or will double check your shopping list to ensure you don’t forget critical items due to short term memory loss.

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