Fibromyalgia and Romance: How Fibromyalgia Can Ruin Relationships

Are you watching your romantic relationship melt away like butter on a hot biscuit? Fibromyalgia and romance are like tires and nails. They simply don’t mesh. Understanding fibromyalgia is a topic of little to no interest of non-fibro people.

Who could conceive that an insignificant item like a clothespin would shock normal people into understanding fibromyalgia pain?  In 2007, the National Fibromyalgia Association unleashed a “…Clothespin Challenge…” to observe “September Pain Awareness Month”.

The idea was to promote awareness of fibromyalgia among the non-fibro people concerning how debilitating it is to live in chronic pain. The challenger ‘pins’ a wooden clothespin on one of his/her fingers and attempts to keep it there for 30 minutes, or longer, if they can bear the pain. When the clothespin is removed, the challenger is closer to understanding fibromyalgia.

This experiment provides a taste of pain, where people with fibromyalgia get the entire smorgasbord. Once the clothespin was detached, the challenger’s pain subsided. Not so with fibromyalgia sufferers. The pain is excruciatingly widespread and it is a life sentence.

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