Celebrity Craptastic Fibro Award

So, I was wondering in a moment of clarity, if there were any celebrities besides Morgan Freeman who suffered from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I came up with a lot of people, but I picked five who I think as an example who have continued to function while dealing with this disease. I’ve always known that 1 in 50 Americans suffer with this craptastic disorder, but there was never much mention of it in the world of celebrities.

Michael Hastings

Either celebs suffered from some very obvious, terminal or extremely debilitating disease (Michael J. Fox comes to mind) or they looked good and were all smiles. Google, being the great finder of information, gave me a load of celebs suffering in silence, here are my picks for the Celebrity Craptastic Fibro Award:

  • Morgan Freeman – Into the Wormhole and too many other movies to name
  • Susan Flannery – Actress from The Bold & The Beautiful
  • Sinead O’Connor – Singer/Songwriter
  • Michael Hastings – Actor from The West Wing
  • Flea – Guitarist from Red Hot Chili Peppers

Two of my favorite singers have CFS

  • Cher- Singer/Actress
  • Stevie Nicks- Singer

Famous but Not Celeb (still interesting)

  • Florence Nightingale – she did not suffer in silence which is why we know she had it. She thought it was triggered by an infection. (Source Chronic Body Pain)


  • Paula Abdul was always accused of being drunk, but she actually has RSD which is very close to fibromyalgia.


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